Sunday, February 7, 2010

February Week 1 (February 1-7)

The links provide the details of the matchups I did, with notable exceptions below:

What I purchased:
· 4 Fiber One 5-count bars (Value Center)
· 3 Del Monte Orchard Select Jarred Fruit (Value Center) [perishable]
· 3 loaves Aunt Millie's bread (Meijer) [perishable]
· 3 cans Catalina Tomato Paste (Oak Ridge)
· 2 Lipton Soup Secrets (Meijer)
· 2 Lipton Cup-of-Soup (Value Center)
· 1 French's Honey Mustard (Value Center)
· 1 Box Cheez-Its (Oak Ridge)
· 1 pound Hillshire Farms Turkey Breast (Value Center – Warren) [perishable]
· 1 package Hillshire Farms Beef Smoked Sausage (Value Center – Warren) [perishable]
· 1 Dove Men’s Body Wash (Rite Aid)

At Value Center - Warren and Oak Ridge, some of my coupons did not double. I think the one at Oak Ridge was overridden incorrectly, but I didn't want to argue. With Value Center, the cashier read the "do not double" notation on the Hillshire Farms Qs and overrode the doubling.

Also, with the HF lunchmeat, they had 2, 1-pound containers shrink-wrapped together for $2. Combined with the coupon not doubling, it was 82.5 cents per pound. That's great! ... except when compared to free. It took me a half hour in the car on my way to visit family out of town to work that in perspective.

Total spent =$4.53
Total merchandise at full price = $57.19
Total left: $10.47

For why I coupon for charity, go here.

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